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Afang Leaves - Cut
Agbodo Dry Fish - Pack Of 10
Amala (Yam Flour) 2.5KG
We only grind it when you order it, so it is always fresh.
Amala - Yam Flour 5kg
We only grind it when you order it, so it is always fresh.
Asa fish per Unit
Assorted(Combo) Beef + Shaki + Cowleg
Assorted combo (Combination of various beef parts) + Shaki + Cowleg. All week offer available till stock last.
Atarodo - Fresh Basket - 1kg
Atarodo - Fresh Basket - 3kg
Atarodo - Fresh Basket - 6kg
Banana - Igbo
Banana - Yoruba
Baracuda Fish (Frozen) 3Kg-Before cleaning
Baracuda Fish - Smoked Medium Pack
Basket of Dry Onions 40KG
Dry Onions available in Brown, White and Purple. Also in small packs of 20KG, 10KG, 5KG and 1KG
Basket of Fresh Atarodo- 12KG
Fresh Atarodo comes washed and prepacked. Also available in 6KG, 3KG and 1KG
Basket of Fresh Tatase 20KG
Fresh Basket of Tatase. Washed and repacked. Also available in 10KG, 5KG and 2KG
Basket of Fresh Tomatoes - 40KG
Fresh Tomatoes weighing 40KG. Sorted, Cleaned and Repacked. Also available in 20KG, 10KG, 5KG and 3KG
Beans Olo 2 - 3.5kg
Suitable for Moi Moi, Akara
Beans Olo 2 - 5kg
Suitable for Moi Moi, Akara
Beans Oloyin - 3.5kg
Suitable for pottage
Beans Oloyin - 5kg
Suitable for pottage
Bitter Leaf-washed
Broiler Chicken whole / cut - about 3.kg
Carrot Medium Pack
Carrot Small Pack
Cassava salt
Catfish Fresh whole - cut(Medium)
Celery Handful
Chi Chicken Whole 1.4 KG
Chicken - Native, Whole or Cut
Chicken - Old Layer Whole or cut-about 1kg
Our Chicken old-layer is available whole or cut. They are chemical free with no preservatives and this helps you get the right quality and taste…
Chicken Laps - Normal -1 kg
Chicken Laps - Normal 10kg
Chicken Laps - Orobo -1kg
Chicken Laps - Orobo 10kg
Chicken Laps - Soft - 1kg
Chicken Laps - Soft 10kg
Chicken Wings 10 kg
Chicken Wings per kg
Cocoyam med pack
Please specify is you want to use for soup or eat whole.

Coriander- Handful
Cow Abodi Head
Cow Abodi Whole
Cow Fillet (Soft, Tender Beef) Per Kg
Used for steaks, barbecue and other dishes that require soft and tender meat.
Cow Fuku med (Lungs)
Cow Head - KG
Cow Hump per KG-cut
Popularly called Toso by the butchers in Lagos Market.
Cow Kidney KG
Cow Leg Per Kg
Cow Liver Per Kg
Cow Meat - One Eighth Share
Whole Male Cow is divided equally into 8 parts. Each part has all the organs of the Cow. A pack weighs between 20 - 22KG.
Cow Meat - One Sixteen Share
Cow Neck KG
Cow Nose per KG
Cow Roundabout KG
Cow Shaki Per Kg (Tripe) cleaned
Please specify if you are particular about the part of shaki or the size of each piece.
Cow Shin per kg
Cow Silverside - Lean Beef- per KG
Cow Skin - Brown Ponmo - Pack of 8
Cow Skin - White Ponmo - Pack of 8
Cow Soft bone + Beef (Kerekere) per kg
Popularly called Kerekere in Lagos Market
Cow Tail KG
Cow Tongue KG
It has been blanched and properly cleaned.
Cow Topside Beef Per Kg
Stewing beef also available
Crabs - Female (Pack of 5)
The female crabs have eggs but less meat. They come in a pack of 6 pieces
Crabs - Male (Pack of 5)
The male crabs are usually bigger and meatier than the female crabs. They come in a pack of 6 pieces
Crayfish Small pack
Croaker Fish Red - Imported 20kg -Before cleaning
Croaker Fish Red - Imported per kg-Before cleaning
Croaker Fish White - Nigeria 20kg-Before cleaning
Croaker Fish White - Nigeria per kg-
Cucumber-3 pieces
Egg plant- per pack
Eggs per Crate-
English Pear
Ewedu small bunch - picked
Fruit Basket
Assorted fruits in season including Watermelon, Apples, Grapes, Pawpaw, Banana, Avocado Pears, Pineapples, Oranges etc,
Funtuna Egg by 6
Garlic (imported) 1KG
Garlic (imported) 250gms
Garlic (imported) 500gms
Garlic (local) 150gms
Garlic (local) 300gms
Garlic (local) 600g
Ginger Medium Pack-1kg
Ginger Small Pack-250g
Ginger Small Pack-500g
Gizzard - Turkey-900g
Gizzard Chicken-900g
Goat Meat - Quarter Share 4.5KG-deboned
Whole Male Goat meat is divided equally in 4 parts. Each part has all the organs of the goat. A pack is 4.5KG.
Goat Meat Per Kg- Deboned
Grape Fruit Pack of 6
Green Apples Pack of 12-Big
Green Apples Pack of 12-small
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